Posted: August 18, 2010 in Film Showcase

Welcome to the first Peruvian film showcase in New York City, celebrating the exhilarating journey of fifty years of Peruvian cinema in honor of the Peruvian director Armando Robles Godoy for his contribution to the development and success of modern Peruvian cinema. This first show was curated and organized by the photographer and filmmaker Lorry Salcedo Mitrani with the collaboration of the Consulate General of Peru in New York and the generous support of Mrs. Martha Meier Miro Quesada.

Additional support has been received from LAN Peru airlines, the Center for American Studies (CEA) and Docuperu. This selection of 11 successful films in the last fifty years (documentaries, shorts and fiction lengths) shows the creative, ethnographic and geographic diversity of our culture and consequently of the cinematographic art in Peru.

Armando Robles Godoy (b. New York 1923, later naturalized Peruvian) writer and filmmaker, was the son of one of the great musical composer of Peru, Daniel Alomias Robles (composer of the famous song El Condor Pasa). He is the initiator of independent art film (cinema de autor) in Peru and considered a film director of singular integrity and testimonial boldness. Mr. Robles Godoy wrote and directed: Ganarás el pan, 1965); En la selva no hay estrellas, 1967 (winner of the International Moscow film festival);  La muralla verde, 1970 (winner of the Gold Hugo in the International Chicago film festival and awarded in the festivals of New York, Barcelona, Osaka and Puerto Rico);  Espejismo, 1972 (nominated for the Oscar for the best foreign film, winner of the Gold Hugo of the International Chicago film festival and awarded in the festivals of Barcelona, Cadiz and Cartagena);  Sonata Soledad, 1987;  Imposible amor , 2001; El Cementerio de los elefantes, 1973 (winner of the Silver Hugo in the International Chicago film festival). Mr. Godoy ran his own school of cinema, mentoring several generations of Peruvian filmmakers. He also was a successful writer, with 3 short stories, 3 novels and many theater pieces. He is, after all, the Peruvian filmmaker who has won the most literary prizes as well as being the Peruvian writer who has won the most cinematographic prizes.

  1. Luis says:

    Hey guys, you should add to your site the possibility to share this invitation via facebook. Many peruvians and peruvian friends could share this info with friends and make this peruvian contemporary film festival known through social networks. Best wishes.

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